Rough Diamonds
Sun Moon and Star Diamonds


The first documents recalling the use of diamonds date back from 800 BC in India, but it seems that they have been known to mankind for more than 3 millennia. However, it wasn’t until 327 BC that Alexander the Great brought the first diamonds from India to Europe. Back then, they were not processed the way they are today. They were worn exactly the way they were extracted from the mine. Many would wear them to protect themselves from evil forces or as good-luck charms on the battlefields. The Ancient Greeks believed that diamonds were pieces of stars or tears of the gods fallen on Earth.


Nothing so small has ever been as fascinating to mankind as diamonds. Each diamond, no matter how tiny, has its own story and a distinctive charm to it. Cherished for their ability to reflect light, they are a symbol of purity, perfection, and strength. Both a mineral and a precious stone, the hardest substance naturally found on our planet is also one of the most revered and sought after materials at the same time.

Immersed in mythology and rooted in legends, in the hands of modern alchemists diamonds are given a whole new value. From ancient myths about diamond-filled valleys protected by mythological creatures, up to the industry that developed around these precious stones today, the history behind diamonds has always been associated with folklore. While some admire diamonds simply for their beauty and perfection, others make a fortune from processing and trading this spectacular carbon shape.


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