Liberia Mining
Sun Moon and Star Diamonds

Exploration Magellan


Exploration "Magellan" is the foundation for a gold and diamond mining (diamond field) undertaking in Liberia (West Africa) and is a project of Sun Moon and Star Diamonds. Due to the current and more frequent global economic recessions, but the steadily rising prices of gold and diamonds as an excellent investment, as well as our close business relationship with Africa, this exploration has been initiated by Sun Moon and Star Diamonds. It is a newly established, lucrative and profitable project taking into account the fair and environmentally friendly local project management. Sun Moon and Star Diamonds is a partner of the Antwerp Diamond Bourse, World Diamond Center, Canadian Jeweler Association in collaboration with the RCMP and active in the marketing of diamonds (raw and processed), and gold (raw and processed). These aspects include the cycle from extraction through to the subsequent sale and make clear prerequisites for success!