Sun Moon and Star Diamonds



Introduction of Administration

Carlos Mosby Jr. (USA).

• CEO/Owner of Sun Moon and Star Diamonds ©

• Mine owner • Founder of the "Magellan Liberia

• Commercial management and project management

• Specializing in precious metals and mineral rock

• International public relations




Head of Labor Department

Kenneth Eromosele (NIG)

• Snr. Director of Sun Moon and Star Diamonds

• Shareholder/Mine Owner & Co. Founder of "Magellan Liberia“

• Local management of Labor Department

• Specialized in precious metals and mineral rock

• Expert in excavation and mining of precious minerals



Crystallography & Pedology

Koisee Garmo (LIB)

• GIA Certified Diamond Expert

• Head geological expert / Gemologist

• Experience in mining & excavations of valuable minerals

• Attorney for Liberian Law. Responsible for public relations.

• Liberian Government Correspondent.





Associated Partner & Shareholder

Dean Heere Roland Franken (GER)

• Interpreneur, President/Owner of Chamber of Lions ©

• Highly experienced in Russian and Middle Eastern affairs

• Excavation of valuable minerals, project investment

• Master Engineering, management of construction projects

• General Director, Shareholder Robert Bosch Group (prior abdicare)


Associated Partner

Rusim Suliev (RUS)

• Interpreneur, production of Spirt and natural oil in Russia

• Russian and Middle Eastern Correspondent

• Business expert valuable minerals and commodities

• Owner of Solaodka Refinery Russia

• Project investment